Best Choices of Wheel Washers from MobyDick

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Cleaning the wheels of vehicles before leaving the construction site is important. It is not only to make the vehicles look clean, but it is also to prevent pollution from the soils and other materials that make the wheels dirty. Wheel washer or radwaschanlagen can become right choice to solve the problem. Instead of cleaning the wheel manually, using the wheel washer will be more effective. MobyDick also provides various choices of wheel washers with excellent technology so it will not be big problems to handle the jobs in cleaning the wheels.

Effective and Efficient Technology

MobyDick provides great wheel washers that bring great technology. It is true that main job of wheel washer is to clean the wheels and its operation is by spraying the waters to the whole area of the wheels to remove soils and other kinds of dirt. However, since it is about company and industry, efficiency of cost for the wheel washing operation will be necessary and mostly it is about its cost of electricity to operate the wheel washers.


MobyDick has great wheel washers to solve the problem. The wheel washers use nice technology that will utilizes water pressure, volume, and overall design of its nozzles to spray the water. By proper calculation, it is possible to use the low water pressure to operate the wheel washer. It still can clean and wash the wheels well since it uses water volume and nozzle, so its water is strong enough to remove the dirt on the wheels.

Modular Wheel Washers

In addition to its excellent technology, there are many options of wheel washers. Each model of wheel washer has different design and even dimension. It gives companies and industries various choices so they will not be difficult to find the most suitable wheel washer for their needs. Even if there are many models, the basic technologies and performances are still the same so there will be no issues in term of its efficiency and effectiveness.

There are also modular wheel washers. This is something interesting that will be suitable for industries and companies that need wheel washers with simple installation and operation. Since it is modular, it does not take much time to install and disassemble the whole parts. It is useful in case the wheel washers should be moved to other location or positions.