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Ferrari 348 Introduction

Ferrari 348 introduction

In 1989 the 348 replaced the most successful and influential two-seat road car ever produced in Italy: the Ferrari 308/328. Happily, the 348 began a new era for Ferrari road cars, bridging the gap between the original three liter V8 cars and the F355, probably the finest sports car of the 20th Century. In its time, the 348 laid claim to that title with equal authority.

Ferrari 348 introduction

The 348 was not simply a freshened 328, it was an entirely new car in every sense, except its sense of fun. The exterior styling was a radical departure, though it provided a strong visual connection to its contemporaries, the Ferrari Testarossa and F40. Perhaps most notably, the 348 was offered in a very wide variety of body styles and trims, making it the most owner-configurable Ferrari to that time. It is a highly personal sports car, capable of 5.5 second sprints to 60mph and a top speed near 170mph.

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